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Party at Extended-Billiards-Allegory Mansion?

Some of you might know I've been toying around with an event idea for some time. I even made an IC post about it today LOOK AT THAAAAT WHOOOOA. A-Anyway, I don't even know if I have permission for this yet, but I figure it's about time to explain this properly in a place where most people will see it! God knows time shenanigans are confusing enough without throwing Plurk into it. :V

Mr. Cueball Head here is affiliated with a gang called the Felt. They're all billiards-themed and, more importantly to this, all have some sort of mastery over time. Their base of operations is a huge mansion and this is where ~*~PARTY TIME~*~ will take place!

It can be a relatively normal off-world party if you want it to - it's a large, elegant mansion, Scratch, being an excellent host, will be sure to provide plenty of food and drinks, and it even has a game room where you can play card games, cue sports, and other stuff to your heart's content! It does have a few peculiarities, though, like...
  • A thousand clocks, all ticking and not all synchronised. Hopefully you'll get used to the ambient sound before you go nuts.
  • A room with what appear to be effigies of... people wearing snooker-themed hats (members of the Felt, in actuality); all are in different states of repair, and some may be scorched and practically destroyed. This room also contains a huge multicoloured overcoat that may very well rip and tear before your eyes.
  • Also, it's really, really green.
SO yes, plenty of sort-of normal shenanigans to get up to, but honestly, I thought it might be interesting to make use of the Felt's time abilities to RP some havoc - as a sort of pseudovirus, if you know what I mean? So what follows is a brief description of each Felt member and what they can do! I have to admit I can't think of what you'd really... RP in regards to some of these powers, but I'm sure a lot of you can come up with things I would never think of, so here goes. :D
  1. Itchy: can slow down time around him, effectively appearing to have super-speed. Doesn't have the best reaction time or coordination, though.
  2. Doze: can slow down time... for himself... effectively appearing super-slow... Look it's totally useful when he's being pressured or tortured or whatnot.
  3. Trace: can see people's "past trails," kind of like... a visual representation of the path you've taken in the past. Basically, he always knows where you've been.
  4. Clover: is very lucky, very adorable and helpful if you can solve his devilish time-based riddles.
  5. Fin: can see people's future trails - Trace, but in reverse. If he follows your future trail to the end, he essentially knows where you'll die.
  6. Die: aah, this is an interesting one. He has this voodoo doll and a set of pins corresponding to different people; by sticking a pin in/removing it from the doll, he can travel to a timeline where the corresponding person is dead. Anybody who comes into possession of the doll will be able to use this power - all you need is a pin for the person you're thinking of.
  7. Crowbar: has a... crowbar with the ability to neutralise temporal artifacts and their effects on a timeline. Very useful when the Weird Time Shit gets out of hand, and like the doll, anyone who has it can use it.
  8. Snowman: if you kill her, you destroy the universe. Do you want to destroy the univ-- oh shit Kefka
  9. Stitch: the gang's tailor, he's the one you'll find in that place with all the effigies and the coat. By repairing the effigies, he can heal any injuries on the person they correspond to. You can have your very own effigy made, too!
  10. Sawbuck: getting into a fight with him isn't very advisable - if you injure him or vice-versa, you+him+any of the involved if you're like, I dunno, group-pounce-stabbing him or something will be transported to an entirely random point in time. This is a completely wildcard thing.
  11. Matchsticks: can travel through time using fire as a portal, which is actually really damn awesome.
  12. Eggs: Moron. Possesses an egg timer with which he can travel one hour back in time, make an indefinite number of copies of himself, and basically create a living nightmare for anyone who hates time travel. Often involves the next member in his tomfoolery.
  13. Biscuits: Moron+1. Can close himself in his oven to travel to the future at the astonishing rate of one second per second.
  14. Quarters: long story short, he has a bunch of coins with different numbers on each side and the Felt flip these coins and they can switch places instantly WHOOP.
  15. Cans: he can literally punch you to next week. I guarantee you I am using the word "literally" as it should be used. He can also punch you to an entirely different calendar.
Of course, the point doesn't have to be... this stuff happening to your character. It's just very likely that, during the party, you will see multiple versions of these green guys (and some shiny black dudes too), destroyed clocks, undestroyed clocks, violent mobsters seemingly materialising in and out of existence... and if you do get personally tangled up in this stuff, you might run into alternate versions of yourself too! Honestly? You're only limited by whatever bizarre time bullshit you can think of.

... J-Just keep in mind all this weirdness will most likely necessitate mod permission. ;; how do i say things

Also! I realise this is a lot of weird stuff to dump in here, especially if you're not familiar with the canon, so please, ask any questions you have!

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It does sound interesting and it could be really fun, but it looks rather unorganized to me and could cause a lot of confusion. Maybe some tweaking might help?
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a million kefkas fighting a billion felts
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Wellllll I don't follow hs so DO WHAT YOU WANT?!?!
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I MEAN I WANT IT TO MAKE SENSE FOR EVERYONE AND I think I'm sort of failing at that
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WELL DONT ASK ME CUZ I don't know jack about this at all. And hey, if anyone that does know about HS has a problem with it, they'd tell you, right?
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ping their names, and everything?

ahhhhh well. JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT YOU KNOW. no regrets
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what if scratch set up some sort of party game for people to play that would give them a reason to wander around and get caught up in time shit? pin the tail on the donkey two days ago, sort of thing. If this happens homura is so there, probably against her will, and probably with guns.
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NO IT'S NOT I DON'T HANDLE EVENTS SORRY i just think it's cool c: