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Activity check will run from today through Thursday, January 7th.

Please reply to this post with the following information:

Character Name: Takiko Okuda
Character Journal: [personal profile] lifeisbrief

You must do this for every character of yours that you would like to keep in the game. This is simply an interest check - no activity links are required.


If you are on hiatus, you are exempt from activity check. Your hiatus must be listed here or it is not official. If you have a question over this, please contact a mod. We will often accept an unofficial hiatus announcement from the OOC community, but we will not dig through the comm to find the links for you.

Activity Check Process

Here's what happens after Activity Check is over! On the 8th we will go through and gather the information from the check. No check-ins will be accepted from this point on, but the 8th and 9th will be used to make sure there weren't any errors. On the 10th, we'll post a list of the characters to be purged. Those characters will not be available for claiming until after the 15th. This is so the original player has time to reclaim their character if a mistake was made.

That should be it! If you have any questions or concerns about how activity check works, you can hit any of us up on AIM or plurk. The previous activity check-related posts can also be found here, so you may want to try checking there first, though keep in mind that we just recently changed to the check-in system, so things are being done a bit differently.

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